Two of Wands—Plans & Progress

Key Meanings

Plans. Progress.

Original RWS Two of Wands—Tarot DeepOriginal RWS Two of Wands

Meaning of the Two of Wands

The Twos represent balance, choices, and harmony, while the suit of fire represents energy, passion, will, action, and creation.

The Ace is the initial idea, the Two of Wands draws a line from one point to another. 

You’re taking a direction, and at the beginning of a journey. Perhaps you’re developing an idea, or new discoveries are made. 

The man surveys his domain from the top of the castle, and he holds a globe, symbolizing his planned, future domain. 

Therefore, this card signifies plans and progress. Decisions need to be made. Travel is sometimes indicated. 

This card can indicate strength and dominion, possibly in harmony and with justice. 

It also shows resolution, courage, pride, and possibly control.

When this card appears, whatever it indicates is still the early stages, but is shows that your idea, or future idea, will develop direction and movement.

Two of Wands (Reversed)

The reversed meaning can be the opposite of the upright position. These may include, fear of unknown, a lack of planning, or it could mean hesitating over a decision. 

The Two of Wands reversed can also indicate the same meaning as the upright card but with a blockage of some sort, preventing the full expression of the meaning. For example, you may want to take a new direction but feel blocked, unsure of the path to take.

Reversed, the card may also relate to the upright meaning but focussed on internalized energy. For example, you may have plans that you are yet to speak about to other people.

Images, Symbols, and More

A man stands on castle battlements, looking over the bay. He wears a red cloak (symbolizing Mars), holds a globe in his right hand, and a staff in his left. The other staff is fixed to the wall—he has established his initial idea (in the Ace of Wands) and now plans where to plant the second staff (where to make a line to). 

The countryside is green and flourishing. There’s cross with red roses and white lilies on the battlements in the bottom left. Interpretations vary widely, but red roses indicate passion, and white lilies, purity.

He surveys his domain beyond the castle and in the globe. Both the globe and sea beyond symbolize further plans—expansion into new territories, or fields of life to explore.

The esoteric title is Lord of Dominion. 

Astrologically, the Two of Wands is Mars in Aries. 

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