Two of Swords

Key Meanings

Truce. Stalemate. Blocked vision.

Two of Swords—original RWS tarotTwo of Swords—original RWS

Meaning of the Two of Swords

The Twos represent balance, choices, and harmony.

The suit of swords represents thought and communication.

The Two of Swords can show a stalemate—a balance of forces. This could be between two people, groups, or your desires or emotions. Indecision or blocked emotions are possible.

As the blindfold suggests— blocked vision. Also uncertainty. You might not have all the information you need to make a decision. You may have to move forward and make a decision while not being able to see the full situation clearly—be cautious and use your intuition.

Justice may be indicated. 

This card can show peace restored, or perhaps peace needs to be made through a truce. You might have had an argument with someone, but have made up—although there may still be some tension. 

The Two of Swords can mean pleasure after a painful experience. 

Very likely there’s a choice that needs to be made. 

In a yes/no reading, the Two of Swords, with the crossed arms, might indicate a simple ‘no.’

Reversed Meaning of the Two of Swords

The reversed meaning of the Two of Swords can be the opposite of the upright meaning. These could include a risk of doing nothing, difficulty in making a decision, the importance of actually making a choice. 

Falsehood, a misrepresentation, and duplicity could be indicated. Someone may let you down. You might have made a mistake in how you judged someone—if so, just accept it and move on. 

However, reversed tarot cards can always be read in a number of ways. Your intuitive interpretation is always the one to go for. 

That said, reversed cards can often show an internalization or blockage of the upright meaning. You might be resisting making a choice. Or it could show delays to the original meaning. 

In a yes/no reading, reversed cards will normally mean no.

Animal Totem Tarot by Leeza Robertson and Eugene SmithTwo of Swords—Animal Totem Tarot by Leeza Robertson and Eugene Smith

Images, Symbols, and More

The Two of Swords (in the RWS tarot decks) shows a blindfolded woman sitting in front of a calm sea with her arms crossed. In each hand is a sword. Although she's blindfolded, the woman is not passive (as in the Eight of Swords). Here she contemplates, and holds two swords before her, but not in a threatening way. 

The sea represents emotions—possibly with danger because of the rocks—swords represent thoughts and actions. A truce between the two. 

The hermetic title is Lord of Peace Restored.

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