Two of Pentacles

Key Meanings

Adapting to circumstances. Balance. Change.  

Two of Pentacles—original RWSTwo of Pentacles—original RWS

Meaning of the Two of Pentacles

The Twos represent balance, choices, duality, and harmony.

The suit of pentacles represents the physical world: finances, career, security, and health.

In a reading, the Two of Pentacles can show the need for adaptability in your life. Be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances, be prepared to be agile in situations you face. You may need to think on your feet, and juggle your priorities, as the juggler in the card juggles the two pentacles.

There might be a need to plan your moves carefully. Pay attention to timing. 

The ability to balance different aspects of your life (or personality) could be required.

Sometimes, the Two of Pentacles indicates a need for effective time management skills, too. Prioritize what’s important, and decide whether some things can wait, or not be done at all. You may be feeling an emotional need (represented by the rough sea behind the juggler) and have to make a choice between two options.

It can show alternating financial fortune, or difficulty in starting a new project. There could be risk in a venture. 

The Two of Pentacles can show the need for harmonious change in your life. It can also point to strengths and weaknesses, losses and gains, switching between different jobs—possibly too frequently. The card can also suggest that you are alternating between happiness and sadness, or that you need to find emotional balance.

The Two of Pentacles Reversed

When reversed, the opposite meanings may be true: disorganization, lack of balance, lack of adaptability, inflexibility.

Other reversed meanings include the same meaning as the upright card, but with internalized energy. Blocks could also be indicated.

This card could suggest challenges in managing or balancing your work or family responsibilities. Perhaps an unsuitability to doing a particular task. It may also indicate the failure of a project.

Images, Symbols, and More

The Two of Pentacles shows a man juggling two balls (pentacles) which are encircled by an infinity symbol—lemniscate. He’s showing his balance by standing on one leg as he juggles. In the background, there is a rough sea, with two ships sailing over the waves.

The water represents the emotions. Perhaps there is some need. 

The Two of Pentacles is also known as the Lord of Harmonious Change.

The lemniscate shows the flow of energy, and the need (sometimes imagined) to balance everything. 

Minor Arcana—Pentacles


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