Two of Cups

Key Meanings

Love. Partnership. Harmony.

Tarot Deep—Two of Swords (original RWS)Two of Swords (original RWS)

Meaning of the Two of Cups

The Twos represent balance, choices, and harmony, while the suit of cups relates to emotions, relationships, and art.

The keywords of the Two of Cups are love and partnership. It shows a connection of some sort.

This is usually a very positive card to draw in a relationship reading (depending on the position in the spread and other cards drawn). It can show an initial coming together or a reconciliation.

There’s a feeling of equality and mutual respect with this card.

The Two of Cups represents love, harmony, balance, fun, pleasure, passion, and sexual attraction. Although romantic love can be indicated, the Two of Cups can represent any love.

The Two of Cups can indicate marriage, depending on the other cards in the spread.

This is also a positive card in a career or business reading. It suggests a partnership within a work or business relationship, and/or mutually beneficial business negotiations.

As with all cards, the Two of Cups can have negative meanings, too. These will depend on the question being asked, the position of the card in the spread, and your intuitive response to the card. For example, you might be excluding other people who shouldn't be excluded from a situation. As always, use your own judgement. A wasted opportunity could also be suggested in some situations.

The Two of Cups shows a union between two people, groups, ideas, aspects of personality, and masculine and feminine energies. Really, it can show a union between any two things, whatever their nature.

Tarot Deep—Two of Cups. Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Ally Fell

One of my favourite Two of Cups tarot cards—Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Ally Fell

Two of Cups—Images, Symbols, and More

The Two of Cups shows (in the RWS tarot) a man and a woman holding a pair of cups together. Above them is a two snake caduceus of Hermes 

This is a symbol of commerce and negotiation where balanced trade and reciprocity are important. It’s also related to printing and the written word. It was the staff carried by Hermes, and it a short staff encircled by two snakes. Sometimes the staff has wings at the top, but in the RWS Two of Cups, the wings come from the lion’s head. It’s also associated with Mercury.

A winged lion’s head is above the caduceus, symbolizing fire and passion.

Astrologically, the Two of Cups is Venus in Cancer.

The esoteric title of the Two of Cups is Lord of Love. 

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