Three of Pentacles—Creation & Skill

Key Meanings

Creation. Building up something. Skill in trade or work.

Original RWS Three of Pentacles—Tarot DeepOriginal RWS Three of Pentacles

Meaning of the Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is about the creation or realization of something on the material level. It’s about building something up, and about skill in trade or work. As the three characters in the RWS card show, this can involve teamwork or collaboration with others. This teamwork can show a balanced approach to work being done.

The RWS card shows architects or senior craftsmen working with a younger worker, possibly an apprentice, suggesting the learning of a craft as well as skilled labour.

This card shows an increase of material things or gaining in transactions. The cathedral being built is still in the early stages (although it’s moved well beyond the planning stage) and it can indicate the start of something that will be established later.

Other meanings of the Three of Pentacles can include business in general, employment, rank (see the various ranks shown in the RWS card). 

I’ve given career readings where the apprentice on the bench gave me a feeling of elevation, possibly suggesting a forward movement in their career. As always, use your own intuition as a guide, and take the other cards in the reading into account.

Three of Pentacles Reversed

When reversed, the Three of Pentacles can indicate low quality, a lack of skill or mediocrity in general. It can also show pettiness or selfishness.

But apart from the traditional meanings, it can show, as always for reversed cards, a blockage relating to the upright meaning; an internalization of the upright meaning, so it could mean creativity that has not yet been expressed in the outer world, but is still possibilities in your mind.

Three of Pentacles—Steampunk TarotThree of Pentacles—Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Ally Fell

Images, Symbols, and More

The Three of Pentacles, shows the construction of a cathedral. The construction is well underway, and we have moved on from the planning stage of the Twos. 

Three figures are shown: master architects or craftsmen, and an apprentice standing on a bench. They’re speaking together, suggesting collaboration.

This card is also sometimes known as the also known as the Three of Coins.

The esoteric title of the Three of Pentacles is Lord of Material Work.

Astrologically, Mars in Capricorn brings control and discipline in anything related to work or other aspects of the material world.

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