Three of Cups—Friendship & Pleasure

Key Meanings

Friendship. Pleasure. Abundance.

Original RWS—Three of Cups. Tarot Deep.Original RWS—Three of Cups

Meaning of the Three of Cups

The Three of Cups represents friendship (especially where there is a close connection), abundance, and pleasure. The women in the card appear to making a toast or pledge. This card gives a feeling of sharing with others, and helping, or being helped by friends. Sometimes it’s easier to resolve problems with friends than alone; this card can indicate the resolution of problems. It can suggest comfort gained from friends in times of distress.

It’s also a sensual card showing celebration, parties, happiness, kindness, and good luck.

It can be a card of healing.

Other meanings include hospitality (eating and drinking), dancing, and love.

In a question about finding a relationship, it could be suggesting going out more, socializing, and having fun. Perhaps joining new social groups or clubs.

In a question about pregnancy, it could be indicating a new addition to the family, especially if it's accompanied by The Empress.

The Three of Cups can indicate a third person is involved (for good or for bad) in some way in whatever question you asked. 

And some readings suggest that the Three of Cups indicates new clothes!

The Three of Cups Reversed

When reversed, the Three of Cups can indicate time spent alone, or feeling a need for more independence. It can also mean overabundance or excessive pleasure. It can sometimes indicate a third person involved in a relationship.

As always, reversed cards can mean feelings being held within, for example, in this case it might mean happiness or cheerful feelings not being shared openly. A blockage related to making friendships or sustaining them can also be indicated. 

Delays to the upright meaning are possible. Perhaps the time is not yet right for making new friends (especially if the Hermit appears in the reading) and time alone might be needed.

Another interpretation of the reversed Three of Cups is simply a lessening of the original meaning—friendship, but not felt as strongly as it could be.

Images, Symbols, and More

The Three of Cups shows three women standing together in a garden with cups raised in celebration, possibly making a pledge. Around their feet are fruits and  flowers.

In the Thoth deck, this card is called Abundance.

The esoteric title of this card is the Lord of Abundance. Astrologically it represents Mercury in Cancer.

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