The Sun Tarot (XIX)

Key Meanings

Optimism. Warmth. Happiness.

The Sun tarot—Original RWSThe Sun—Original RWS Tarot.

The Meaning of the Sun Tarot

The Sun Tarot is one of the most positive cards in tarot. It shows optimism, warmth, and happiness.

It’s about shining a light on a problem, and it relates to the intellect and consciousness (just as the Moon relates to intuition and the unconscious).

The Sun indicates that a positive attitude and approach is needed related to the subject being asked about. It's telling you to go ahead with whatever you've asked about.

Abundance, vitality, fun, contentment, and satisfaction are all possible meanings.

The Sun tarot gives positive energy to most situations, and it can also influence surrounding cards in a positive way.

This is a card of simple pleasures, and of enjoying what life offers—enjoying spending time with nature, having a holiday, or playing.

The Sun expresses masculine energy. 

It can occasionally have less positive meanings. Too much sun can burn, and it can suggest vanity or arrogance (look to the other cards.

But in general, if you draw the Sun, it casts a positive light on your question, and if you are asking a question, drawing the Sun tarot indicates that the answer is yes.

The Meaning of the Sun Tarot Reversed

When the Sun tarot is reversed, it can take on any of the above meanings, but to a lesser degree.

Sometimes, the reversed meanings can be the opposites of above: unhappiness, a lack of vitality or success.

The Sun reversed could just show that the life and fun has gone from your job/relationship/or other situation, or that perhaps someone has lost their enthusiasm in a relationship. 

There’s a possibility that you’ve been too positive towards a situation.

The Sun tarot—MarseilleThe Sun—Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal).

Images, Symbols, and More

The Sun tarot shows a radiant sun shining down on sunflowers—representing life. A naked boy, innocent with nothing to hide, rides a horse and holds a red banner—representing passion and vibrancy.

Unlike the Moon, there are no shadows, as the Sun shines a light on all, representing the intellect, awareness, and consciousness. 

The Sun tarot is numbered 19, and is showing the ending of a cycle and the beginning of the next (1+9=1). The next card in the tarot is Judgement—which is a card of rebirth.

The Sun is connected to birthdays, and in a reading it can represent the whole year.

Astrologically, the Sun represents the Sun!

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