The Moon Tarot (XVIII)

Key Meanings

The unconscious. Intuition. Deception. Dreams and illusions.

The Moon Tarot—Original RWSThe Moon Tarot—Original RWS.

Meaning of the Moon Tarot

The Moon tarot is about reflection and connection to your inner feelings and dreams. Pay attention to your intuition and any ideas rising to the surface.

The Moon shows a difficult and dark path where deception and illusion are present. The image shows the moon shining at night, where not everything will be as it seems. Things may be hidden from your awareness, and this can lead to fear or anxiety, but there’s also the chance that truths will be shown.

It’s likely that more ideas on how to proceed or deal with a particular problem will come to you, or it’s a suggestion that you have to search harder for them.

What is arising from your unconscious?

Use your intuition and listen to your dreams to find your way, but test them, too. Be careful when choosing between truth and falsehood, there is a danger of chasing illusory dreams.

The Moon tarot asks you to look beneath the surface and discover what is really true. Avoid idealizing a situation. 

It’s possible that you’ve experienced a period of self-deception, and the appearance of the Moon tarot shows the beginning of the journey towards higher awareness.

The Moon tarot is a card of inspiration, imagination and creativity. New ideas may be emerging.

Change can be indicated.

The Moon Tarot—ShadowscapesThe Moon—Shadowscapes Tarot, by Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore, gives a nice image of the Unconscious.

Images, Symbols, and More

A crayfish crawls from a pool, and begins its journey along a path leading between two towers (or pillars), and then on to the distant hills. 

It emerges from the water (the unconscious) and as it journeys, it gains more awareness, eventually becoming fully conscious.

In earlier tarot decks (such as in the Marseille tarot image below) the path is not shown, but it can be imagined.

A wolf and a dog howl at the bright moon—possibly representing our fears, or they could be showing danger ahead on the path.

Fifteen yods (tear-like shapes) fall from the moon to the Earth. These could be seen as rain falling and watering the imagination; or the fifteen could refer to the number of the Devil, showing attachment to the material.

Astrologically, the Moon tarot is related to Pisces.

The Moon—Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal)The Moon—Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal).

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