The Magician Tarot (I)

Key Meanings

Action. Focus. Concentration. Power.

The Magician—Original Rider-Waite-Smith TarotThe Magician—Original Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

Meaning of the Magician Tarot

The Magician tarot is about focus and action. He’s clear on what he wants, and actively takes steps to get it. The infinity symbol (lemniscate) above his head shows power from above entering our world; a connection between the divine, intellectual, and physical worlds.

The Magician is numbered 1, and can be about new beginnings. 

When the Magician is in your reading, it is emphasizing action, and a desire to bring about your wishes. This card is a good sign when you wish to bring about a change in your life, having the creative power to help you begin a new cycle.

It’s a card of manifestation and bringing ideas into the physical world. If the Magician tarot appears in a reading about a goal or desire you have, then this card is very positive. Plan and implement your ideas. If you draw this card, it’s telling you to be confident.

The Magician relates to skill, power, concentration, action and resourcefulness, self-confidence, and originality. 

This card is astrologically related to Mercury, and therefore to communication.

The card, especially when reversed, can relate to poor planning, trickery, and egotism.

When this card appears with the Devil, watch out for someone trying to deceive you.

If the Magician appears in a career reading, it’s time to take action and move forward on a project that excites you; it’s about putting your ideas into action. If you’re looking for a new job, this card could indicate new opportunities. It could also indicate a promotion. 

If the Magician appears in a relationship reading, you need to think plans you can implement in order to reach your goals. As the Magician is related to Mercury and communication, it might be using all forms of communication, including the internet (perhaps internet dating) or it could be communication directly, face-to-face. 

Le Bateleur (Magician)Le Bateleur (Magician) of Jean Dodal’s Marseille Tarot

Images, Symbols, and More

The Magician tarot shows a figure with one arm pointing to heaven with a wand in his hand, and the other pointing to earth. Flowers and plants grow around him. On a table in front of him are four magical tools: a sword, pentacle, cup, and a wand. Above his head is the infinity symbol (lemniscate).

In the Wild Unknown tarot, the Magician shows a leopard with the same four magical tools as in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. 

In the Marseille tarot, Le Bateleur (which means the bearer of the wand) wears a hat shaped as the infinity symbol. But in general, the Marseille card is a simpler card, with the tools of the magician as an entertainer of the medieval period.

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