Ten of Pentacles

Key Meanings

Success. Prosperity. Wealth.

Ten of Pentacles—Original RWS TarotTen of Pentacles—Original RWS

Meaning of the Ten of Pentacles

This is a positive card indicating material gain, wealth, prosperity, and success.

Abundance and a fulfilment of your dreams are suggested.

And possibly a cleverness in financial transactions.

A gain could come about through hard work or through inheritance. 

If you’re interviewing for a new job, or asking for a pay increase or promotion, then the Ten of Pentacles is a positive sign.

Old age, pensions, and retirement may also be possible.

If you’re hoping to retire early or you are looking into pensions, this is a positive card. As always, look at the other cards in the reading. If there are other positive financial cards, then the outlook is good.

This card also relates to family matters or the home where the querent lives.

In a relationship reading, domestic happiness and comfort is indicated.

The Ten of Pentacles Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles reversed can also show many of the things the upright card shows: old age, wealth, pension, or receiving of gifts.

In these cases, the meaning is likely to be lessened, or the energy internalised. It’s also possible that there’s a blockage in these areas of your life.

Depending on the other cards drawn, the opposite meanings may apply. There may be a slowness of mind. Perhaps a lack of clear thinking.

Loneliness is possible—and you may be advised to take steps to avoid of reduce this.

It could also be a warning that you need to take action in one of these areas. Perhaps it’s important that you sort out your pension as soon as possible.

There could also be a financial loss.

Images, Symbols, and More

The RWS Ten of Pentacles shows a man and a woman beneath an archway which leads to their house and property. An old man with white hair, two white dogs, and a child are there too. 

The dogs suggest loyalty and devotion.

The card has a richness with fruit and harvest shown in the lower part of the image. 

Many tarot decks follow the RWS deck. The Steampunk tarot emphasises domestic bliss and a happy family—as does the Animal Totem Tarot with its family of rabbits. The Wild Unknown shows ten pentacles in a vortex of swirling and radiant energy.

The esoteric title of the Ten of Pentacles is Lord of Wealth.

Astrologically, this card represents Mercury in Virgo.

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