Ten of Cups

Key Meanings

Happiness. Success. Contentment.

Ten of Cups—Original RWS TarotTen of Cups—Original RWS

Meaning of the Ten of Cups

This is a very positive card, and it represents happiness, pleasure, and contentment. It shows a happy family and can indicate marriage, especially when it appears with the Two of Cups, the Lovers, or the Hierophant.

In the Nine of Cups, the happiness is more sensual, here, with the Ten of Cups a deeper level of happiness is shown.

This card can also represent kindness. Perhaps you meet someone who is kind, or perhaps you help others.

Your values are in alignment with those of other people—or within yourself.

It can represent the home, or the place a person lives.

When the Ten of Cups appears it suggests lasting success in either relationship or career readings.

In a relationship reading, if you’ve just met someone, this card is extremely positive. 

Likewise, in a career reading, it can indicate a good choice of company to work for, project to proceed with, or the possibility of promotion or pay rise.

If you’ve been worried about the successful completion of a plan or enterprise, then this suggests that it will be settled in the way you wish.

Ten of Cups Reversed

The Ten of Cups reversed can show the opposites of the upright card, and it may indicate separation, divorce, or a broken marriage.

There may be a lack of alignment of value between you and someone else, or between yourself and an organisation.

An overindulgence in food, drink, or other physical pleasures may be suggested.

It could also be warning about some form of waste. 

However, there are a number of ways to approach reversed cards. The above is only one way of seeing them.

Directly and intuitively interpreting the cards is always the preferred method.

But intuitive interpretations don’t always jump out and can be helped by approaching the reading from one or both of the following methods. First, you can interpret the meaning as either an internalisation of the upright meaning—perhaps a strong desire for a happy marriage, but where you have more work to do to attain it.

Second, you could read the card as if upright, but to see the energy as being blocked in some way.

Images, Symbols, and More

The Ten of Cups shows a happy family with two children dancing. Above them is a rainbow of cups, and in the background is a beautiful scene with trees, a river flowing through meadows, and their home.

In the Wild Unknown tarot the ten cups are shown with coloured, radiating energy pouring from one to another, suggesting enough cheer for all.

The esoteric title of the Ten of Cups is Lord of Perfected Success.

Astrologically, this card represents Mars in Pisces.

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