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Jul 13, 2019

Ace of Swords—Action, Victory, & Clarity

The Ace of Swords represents a new start related to thinking or communication…

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Jul 06, 2019

Ace of Cups—love, joy, and new emotional experiences

The Ace of Cups is about love, happiness and new emotional experiences…

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Jun 29, 2019

Ace of Pentacles—new opportunities & prosperity

The Ace of Pentacles is a positive card indicating new opportunities and prosperity…

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Jun 22, 2019

The World Tarot—completion, success, and travel

The World tarot is about completion, success, and travel. It’s the final card of the Major Arcana and…

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Jun 15, 2019

The Judgement Tarot—judgement, rebirth, and renewal

The Judgement tarot is often about a reawakening, and can represent the beginning of a new path. As the title suggests, it’s also about judgement...

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Jun 08, 2019

The Sun Tarot—optimism, warmth, and happiness

The Sun tarot shows optimism, warmth, and happiness…

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