Tarot for Three Leaders of the UK

I was interested to read tarot for three leaders (or potential leaders) of the UK.

I drew cards for the three leaders the UK may have from July 2019, and over the following months and years. Three because there’s always the possibility of a general election, and I’ve included Jeremy Corbyn along with Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson.

I asked the tarot to tell me more about these people as potential leaders of the UK.

Boris Johnson—The Tower

The Tower—Original RWS. Reading for Boris Johnson.The Tower—Original RWS Tarot

This is not a card many want to see in a tarot reading. It suggests disaster, destruction, ruin, and upheaval. Also, misery, calamity, disgrace, and deception.

A Boris Johnson leadership would result in a fundamental alteration in how the UK sees itself, and how those outside the UK view the country.

The card is also about excessive ambition.

But as the image shows, the tower comes crashing down. It seems likely that he would find himself thrown out of power in a sudden and dramatic way.  This would allow for a fresh start, but the country would be pulling itself up from the bottom. 

Jeremy Hunt—The Devil

The Devil—Original RWS. Jeremy Hunt reading.The Devil—Original RWS Tarot.

The Devil has two naked humans chained to him, and I think that if he were elected, it’s likely that he might remain as Prime Minister for some time—certainly longer than Boris Johnson.

The Devil can be smart and sophisticated, and good at hiding his true nature, but he’s also about control. This could be a controlling leadership, and one that would expect obedience from party members, but one that would present (or attempt) a friendly face to the public. 

The Devil is materialistic, and he’s quite good with money, so I’d expect a Jeremy Hunt leadership to have some financial ability—who this would serve, is another question.

If Jeremy Hunt were elected, I think it’s much less likely that Jermey Corbyn would ever become PM.

Which brings me to Jeremy Corbyn. 

Jeremy Corbyn—The Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles—Original RWS. Jeremy Corbyn reading.The Seven of Pentacles—Original RWS Tarot.

This card is also known as the Lord of Success Unfulfilled. And this seems to sum up Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. Whilst this can be a positive card (if this was a reading for a 20 year old Jeremy Corbyn, I’d see it as promise of future potential) but for Jeremy Corbyn’s present position, it seems that the chances are not good of him becoming the Prime Minister of the UK. 

This is the card of waiting and hoping and wishing. It’s about delays, it’s not the card of achievement. 

It’s also a card of vision, and I have no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn is a man of vision. It’s also about perseverance and waiting, which has been true. But these things are only good as long as at some time they come to an end. 

It looks especially unlikely that Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister of the UK if Jeremy Hunt wins the Conservative Party leadership contest. 

(I did the Tarot for Three Leaders reading on July 19th, 2019)


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