Tarot and Society

I plan to write a series of articles about Tarot and Society. These articles will take the form of tarot readings about issues in society. These will include politics, current issues in society, the environment, and anything else affecting our world. I won’t be taking any political point of view, but just asking the tarot about various issues.

Page of Cups—Original RWS TarotPage of Cups—Original RWS Tarot

A Tarot Experiment

This is an experiment to discover how useful reading about tarot and society actually is. I’m convinced that reading tarot for myself and others about the problems and choices we face in life is extremely beneficial. I’m also convinced that the tarot is a great tool for increasing our intuition. But up to now, I’ve spent little time looking at tarot and society.


There are of course limitations. As with personal readings, it’s impossible to truly predict the future because it’s not yet been decided. However, it is possible to read the energy now, and because humans are habitual it’s often possible to get a good idea of future paths if nothing significant changes.

If, for example, a child was yards from a cliff edge and sprinting towards a kite being blown away in the wind with no awareness of his danger, you could predict that he would fall over. And probably you’d be right. But you may be wrong. He might come to his senses at the last minute, a parent might call him, bringing him to a halt, or he might fly over, but grab an old root sticking out and manage to climb back up. 

As I see it, it’s the same with tarot. It’s possible to predict the probable course of events in your life, but you may change your path, and therefore change the future possibilities. 

Can I do the same with tarot and society? Can tarot predict (to some extent) the course of events?

I hope to find out. I don’t expect perfect accuracy, as situations can change, but I’d expect the readings to give some ideas based on the situation right now. 

Tarot and Society Articles

I’ve written before about some areas of tarot and society, for example the Three Leaders article where I looked at Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt at the time of the Conservative party leadership election; I also included a reading on Jeremy Corbyn. A list of articles will develop here.

Tarot for Three Leaders

2019 General Election Tarot Reading


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