The Minor Arcana—The Suit of Wands

The suit of Wands (fire) represents passion, will, energy, action, creation, and the spiritual aspects of our lives. Enthusiasm, creative expression, enterprise and expansion are all parts of this suit. 

A very positive card. A just do it kind of feeling.

As with all the Minor Arcana, the wands numbered cards represent the more everyday events and situations in our lives when related to ambitions, inspiration, and spirituality.

The wands court cards, as with other court cards, represent aspects of our personality, the people we will meet, or the situations we encounter. Again, the emphasis is on the qualities of the element of fire.

The suit of wands is sometimes called staves or batons (in regular playing cards they are clubs).

Astrologically, the wands are related to the three fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. If you know the meanings of these signs, then you can take many of typical characteristics of this element and apply them to the suit of wands in tarot, too.

The Key Meanings— The Suit of Wands 

Ace of Wands

A new beginning—an expression of will. Passion. Inspiration. Creation. Energy.

Two of Wands

The path forward. Direction. Planning a project. Progress. 

Three of Wands

Creating a project. Putting your plans into action. Enterprise. Expansion.

Four of Wands

Happiness. Good times. Celebration. Homecoming. Establishment of a business. Good fortune.

The Four of Wands from the original RWS deck. A happy time with those close to you. A feeling of home.

Five of Wands

Unstable situation. Conflict. Disagreement. Argument due to different points of view. Competition. 

Six of Wands

Victory. Success. Enjoying the results of your work. Recognition.

Seven of Wands

Challenge. Fighting off detractors. Defending your position. Perseverance. Competition. Negotiations. 

Eight of Wands

Speed of action. Moving fast. Decisive action. Movement. Haste. Courage. Boldness.

Nine of Wands

Holding your position. Persistence. Determination. Strength. Stamina. Victory after anxiety or apprehension.

Ten of Wands

Going the final stretch. Completion or nearing completion. Carrying a heavy burden. Pressure. Responsibilities. Success after struggles.

Page of Wands

New ideas and inspiration. First steps. Curious. Enthusiastic. Interest in starting a new endeavour. 

Knight of Wands

Action oriented. Adventurous. Passionate. Moving forward on a project. Charming. Enthusiastic.

Queen of Wands

Warm. Enthusiastic. Charismatic. Sociable. Independent. Passionate.

I love the black cat (which belonged to the artist, Pamela Colman Smith)

King of Wands

Forceful. Powerful. Visionary. Friendly. 

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