The Minor Arcana—The Suit of Pentacles

The suit of pentacles (earth) represents the physical aspects of our lives: career, money, finances, and physical health. However, they also contain a spiritual aspect.

As with all the Minor Arcana, the pentacles numbered cards represent the more everyday events and situations in our lives when related to career, jobs, finances, health or other aspects of our lives that relate to our physical experience.

The Ace of Pentacles—an auspicious card to draw in a reading.

The pentacles court cards, as with other court cards, represent aspects of our personality, the people we will meet, or the situations we encounter. Again, the emphasis is on the physical aspects.

The suit of pentacles is sometimes called coins or disks (in regular playing cards they are diamonds).

Astrologically, the pentacles are related to the three earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. If you know the meanings of these signs, then you can take many of typical characteristics of this element and apply them to the suit of pentacles in tarot, too.

The Key Meanings—The Suit of Pentacles 

Ace of Pentacles

New beginnings in career or finances. New financial opportunity. Prosperity. Gain.

Two of Pentacles

Keeping balance. Time management. Planning. Prioritizing. Adapting to changing situations.

Three of Pentacles

Implementing the plans made with the Two of Pentacles. Creation. Teamwork. New projects. Moving forward with plans. Skill in work. Focus.

Four of Pentacles

Control and management of resources. Spending and saving money. Saving for a rainy day. Budgeting. Excessive spending. Over caution in spending. 

The Four of Pentacles can mean either economizing or relaxing your control on spending.

Five of Pentacles

Poverty. Need. Money troubles. Limiting beliefs about money. Illness. Worry. 

Six of Pentacles

Giving and receiving. Waiting to receive. Flow of resources. Charity. Prosperity.

Seven of Pentacles

Receiving (or waiting) for the rewards of your efforts. Delays. Perseverance. Assessing your situation.

Eight of Pentacles

Craftsmanship. Skill in craft and business. Perfection. Working hard. Employment. Focussed on work. 

Nine of Pentacles

Accomplishment. Wealth. Financial independence. 

Ten of Pentacles

Wealth. Completion of financial goals. Abundance. Inheritance.

Page of Pentacles

Study. Apprenticeship. Starting a new job or business. New ideas related to work. 

Knight of Pentacles

Methodical. Moving forward on career plans. Practical. Patient. Commonsense approach. 

The Knight of Pentacles stops to choose the right time to proceed.

Queen of Pentacles

Practical. Down-to-earth attitude. Domestic. Patient. Close to nature. Enjoys the good things in life.

King of Pentacles

Practical. Good at business. Abundance. Cautious. Conservative. 

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