The Star Tarot (XVII)

Key Meanings

Hope. Inspiration. Spiritual insight.

The Star Tarot—Original RWSThe Star Tarot—Original RWS.

Meaning of the Star Tarot

The Star tarot brings hope, inspiration, and an opportunity for spiritual insight and growth. 

The Star is a peaceful card, giving the feeling of calmness, rest, and recuperation. It’s reminding you to take care of yourself and give yourself the chance to renew yourself.

It’s reminding you to take care of yourself and give yourself the chance to renew yourself.

The card offers the chance of a brighter future. Opportunities may unexpectedly come your way.

The appearance of the Star tarot can bring increased clarity to situations—it shines a light for you to follow. 

Have faith.

This is a very positive card, and if you draw this in a reading, it offers hope, possibly through regeneration of yourself.

Reversed Star Tarot

When reversed, the Star tarot can mean the opposites of the upright meaning: a lack of hope, a lack of faith in something, the lack of inspiration, or the possibility that spiritual insight is not coming to you.

However, it could also be emphasizing the need for inner work. 

Blockages or some kind of resistance to the upright meanings might be indicated. There may be a delay of some sort.

You may need to review your approach to a situation and search again for clarity.

The Star—Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal)The Star—Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal).

Images, Symbols, and More

A naked woman kneels by water with a jug in each hand. She pours one jug of water into the lake, and the other onto the land. 

The lake represents the unconscious, and the land represents the conscious mind. Some of the water flows back to the lake, suggesting a mixing of consciousness and unconsciousness.

Behind the woman is the sacred ibis, roosting in the Tree of Knowledge. This was a bird the ancient Egyptians associated with Thoth, the god of wisdom and reason, whose head was that of the ibis. 

The Star tarot shows a large yellow star, and seven smaller, white stars, which represent the seven chakras.

The Star tarot is related astrologically to Aquarius. 

The Star tarot comes after the Tower has brought destruction and taken you out of your comfort zone. From that difficult and painful situation, growth, and possibly greatness, can come.

The Star—Animal Totem TarotThe Star—Animal Totem Tarot by Leeza Robertson and Eugene Smith.

The Star tarot from the Animal Totem deck shows an oyster. The oyster produces a pearl from an initial irritation (a grain of sand, for example) and it covers the source of irritation to protect itself—showing how pain can be changed into something good.

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