Nine of Pentacles

Key Meanings

Accomplishment. Material success. Financial independence.

Nine of Pentacles—Original RWS TarotNine of Pentacles—Original RWS Tarot

Meaning of the Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles exudes comfortable surroundings. The woman in her luxuriant garden gives the feeling of accomplishment, success, and establishment of all the material comforts needed in life, and more.

This is a positive card in a financial or career reading, showing that you have or will accomplish your material goals.

It can suggest financial independence, or of having a safety-net that will prevent you from falling into poverty.

It also shows discernment of taste, and a love for the finer things in life.

The Nine of Pentacles might show an appreciation of what you have, and a happiness with your material situation.

An inheritance might be indicated, or another possibility to grow your income. 

Although usually positive, it may sometimes show jealousy towards another—see the other cards present.

The falcon represents discipline and control over your life. 

The Nine of Pentacles Reversed

The Nine of Pentacles reversed can suggest financial problems. 

Some sort of deception in a business relationship may be indicated—perhaps someone is acting in bad faith.

You may be the need to take care and examine the small print of your agreement. 

It’s possible that a project you’d hoped to move forward with is not a wise thing to do at the moment.

There could be some danger.

In a career reading, it may be showing that you are spending too much time at work. It may be necessary to balance out your life more and spend more time with your family or on personal projects that are important to you.

As always, a reversed card can indicate the same meanings as the upright card, but to a lesser degree. There may be some sort of blockage preventing you from moving forward or slowing you down.

It could also suggest an internalisation of the upright meaning. You may be making plans to improve your financial situation, but these still need to be acted on. Put your plans into action. Take the first steps.

Images, Symbols, and More

The Nine of Pentacles shows a woman surrounded by the luxuriant and abundant grapevines growing in the garden of her great house. The pentacles are around her representing her wealth. A falcon rests on her gloved hand. 

A snail crawls along the path in front of her suggesting slow but steady gains. 

The image gives a feeling of contentment.

The esoteric title of the Nine of Pentacles is Lord of Material Gain.

Astrologically, this card represents Venus in Virgo.

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