Judgement Tarot (XX)

Key Meanings

Judgement. Rebirth. Renewal.

Judgement Tarot—Original RWSJudgement Tarot—Original RWS.

Meaning of the Judgement Tarot

The Judgement tarot card is about judgement, of course, but also about rebirth, rejuvenation, reawakening, or any kind of renewal. 

If you’re asking whether you should do something, then drawing Judgement (in an upright position) indicates that the answer is probably yes—although you still need to take into account the other cards and your intuitive feelings.

The figures in the card are heeding a call. 

If you draw this card, it might be a time for reflection or self-evaluation. 

The Judgment tarot is numbered 20, and shows one stage finishing and another beginning. A resolution is possible.

The Judgement tarot could indicate you’re about to take a new path, or find a new way of seeing life.

You may be being drawn to follow an inner-calling.

Absolution (release from guilt or a forgiveness of sins), and atonement (reconciliation with God or reparation for wrong), or karma, might be indicated.

Meaning of Judgement Tarot Reversed

If you draw the Judgement tarot reversed, it’s possible that you’ve been judging yourself too harshly. You may be doubting yourself too much.

Delusion and denying the truth are possible.

Other reversed meanings can include being proved wrong, misjudging a situation, remorse, or disappointment. Any opposite meaning of the upright meanings may apply.

A blockage, delay to, or internalization of, the upright meaning might be indicated.

An overturning of something old and a change of direction is possible.

As always, pay close attention to the other cards in the reading, as well as anything that jumps out and catches your attention. This last point equally applies to the upright card as well.

Judgement—Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal)Judgement—Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal).

Images, Symbols, and More

The Judgement tarot shows a traditional biblical scene. An angel is blowing a horn from above, and below, naked figures arise from coffins. 

The angel is often considered to be Gabriel, who blew the horn at the Last Judgement—but the Judgement tarot includes the meaning of rebirth and renewal, which shows that it’s not the final judgement—just one of many. The angel has also been named as Michael. 

In the background, the dead are rising from the sea, another biblical reference from Revelation 20:13: The sea gave up the dead that were in it…

From the horn hangs a white flag with a red cross.

The Marseille tarot shows a similar scene, with a man, a woman, and a slightly strange blue figure, rising between them.

In the Thoth tarot, the Judgement tarot card is called the Aeon, and it’s taken to mean closure or resolution.

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