Four of Wands—Happiness & Completion

Key Meanings

Happiness. Celebration. Completion.

Four of Wands—Original RWSFour of Wands—Original RWS

Meaning of the Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is a positive card of happiness, harmony, celebration, and perfection.

It suggests prosperity, peace, perfection, and satisfaction.

This is the time to celebrate and enjoy life. If the question is about marriage, or anything relating to home life, then this is an auspicious card. If you were choosing between places to live, this card would indicate the answer is yes, go for it—always taking the other cards in the reading into account too. A reversed card here could indicate that the move was a bad idea.

This is a card of good fortune.

Romance, beauty, and success are other meanings. In a relationship reading it is positive. This card can sometimes suggest that the querent needs to get out more and spend more time having fun with friends; it could be a call to lighten up and have fun.

Also completion and rest after working hard on something.

In a career reading it could be telling you that you need to complete a project or that completion is near.

If you were asking about the likely outcome of choosing a particular career or job, then this card is telling you that this is a good choice.

Four of Wands Reversed

When the Four of Wands is reversed the same meanings often apply but to a lesser degree. There may be some sort of blockage or resistance to the upright meaning, or possibly a delay. It’s often still a positive card, although (like all cards) the reversed card can have the opposite meaning to the upright card—in this case anxiety, being unprepared or feeling rushed may be suggested.

Four of Wands—Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Ally Fell

The beautiful Steampunk Four of Wands shows preparations for a celebration.

Images, Symbols, and More

The RWS tarot, and other descended from it, show four wands covered in flowers and fruit, two figures welcome us to a celebration within the community, and others are gathered in front of the castle in the background. This card has the feeling of being welcomed home.

All of the fours indicate stability, completion, and making a situation more fixed. The castle in the background shows this, giving the feeling of the safety and stability of a home environment.

The esoteric title of the Four of Wands is Lord of Perfected Work.

Astrologically, the Four of Wands represents Venus in Aries.

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