Ace of Swords

Key Meanings

Action. Victory. Clarity.

Ace of Swords—Original RWS TarotAce of Swords—Original RWS Tarot

Meaning of the Ace of Swords

Aces are the start of a cycle, showing fresh action—all of them have a positive feel.

The Swords are primarily about thinking and communication.

The Ace of Swords indicates power and the conquest of certain situation. Triumph in the situation you’re asking about is possible. 

It is a card of action and taking control of a situation. 

Quickness and cleverness might be needed to resolve whatever question you asked.

See the truth of the situation.

This is often for good, but can sometimes indicate an excess of force—see the other cards drawn. The sword is double-edged, and it can be a sword of good or bad—so care must be taken.

The Ace of Swords can suggest that determination is needed or already present.

It can represent the beginning of a new way of thinking about a person or situation. Now is the time to make a decision.

Sometimes it can show you’re ready to adopt a new philosophy to life. 

Mental clarity is likely when this card is drawn. 

In a career reading, the Ace of Swords suggests new beginnings, but related to ideas and ways of thinking. You may need to adapt, perhaps to a different way of thinking or a new work culture. 

This card is positive when applying for a new job.

In some situation, it might indicate a cutting of ties, depending on the surrounding cards.

The Ace of Swords can be about justice and Divine authority being upheld.

Reversed Meanings of the Ace of Swords

The reversed meanings of the Ace of Swords can be the opposites of the upright meanings: a lack of clarity, lack of success, and a failure to breakthrough in a venture. 

But the reversed meaning can also be he same as the upright, but to a lesser degree, perhaps because of some blockage. Reversed, the cards may also indicate the energy is inner or unconscious.  

Images, Symbols, and More

The Ace of Swords shows a hand coming out of a cloud, holding a sword. A crown with victory wreath is at the top of the sword, and six yods fall from the crown.

Beneath is a bleak mountainous landscape. This indicates the cool nature of the mind not influenced by emotions.

The sword symbolizes the mind and truth. It is double-edged, and can be a sword for good or evil, for justice or destruction.

The Minor Arcana—Swords


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