Ace of Cups

Key Meanings

Love. Joy. A new emotional experience.

Ace of Cups—Original RWS TarotAce of Cups—Original RWS Tarot

Meaning of the Ace of Cups

Aces are the start of a cycle, showing fresh action—all of them have a positive feel.

Cups are water and are about emotions, relationships and art.

The Ace of Cups represents love, joy, abundance, fertility, and creativity. It can indicate protection is possible.

It is also a card of beauty, pleasure and happiness.

This is a very positive card in any reading, but particularly in a relationship reading, and it suggests the beginnings of new love, or a new beginning within a relationship.

In a career reading, it could indicate the development of a new partnership or the chance to connect with new people on an emotional level. 

It also shows that it’s a good time to proceed with any new creative or artistic venture, whether it’s time to write a book, learn painting, or take up a new musical instrument. 

The Ace of Cups can mean the chance of a new emotional experience or connection might come to you. 

The Ace of Cups can represent divine inspiration. 

The Ace of Cups Reversed

The Ace of Cups reversed can indicate blocked emotions or a lack of emotion. Sometimes it might indicate unrequited love.

Reversed, it could also mean the same as the upright position, but to a lesser degree. 

It could show some hesitation or reluctance to experience new emotions.

Reversed tarot cards can also show an internalization of the upright meaning.

In a yes/no reading, the reversed Ace of Cups will usually mean no.

It can also be asking you to reconsider an emotional connection.

Images, Symbols, and More

In the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, the Ace of Cups shows a hand reaching out of a cloud, holding a cup overflowing with five streams of water which falls into a lotus pond beneath. A dove dives into the cup with a wafer in its mouth.

The symbolism of the dove can be interpreted in a number of ways. It can be seen as spirit coming into the physical world. When Jesus was baptized, the heavens opened, and a dove containing the Holy Spirit descended to Earth. 

The dove can also be a symbol of Venus as the Great Mother.

The lotus blossoms in the water symbolize an awakening of consciousness. 

Drops of water, or yods, fall from the cup, representing divine blessings. 

In the Marseille tarot, the Ace of Cups shows a chalice representing the Church. 

The Minor Arcana—Cups


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