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My name's Ned Marcus, and I’ve been interested in tarot, and other spiritual systems, all my life. I’ve created Tarot Deep as a way to share my journey, as I continue to explore tarot more deeply, and to meet others on the same journey. 

At university, I studied psychology, but this didn’t answer many of my questions. At the same time I was reading books on philosophy, religion, metaphysical studies, and spirituality in general.

Ned MarcusOn a trip to Estonia.

Most of all, I was drawn to tarot. I love the combination of rich meaning and beautiful images. Even more, I love the way tarot connects us to our intuition—which gives us something akin to a superpower to help in our lives.

As far as spiritual beliefs go, I’m spiritual but not aligned to any organized religion.

I’ve successfully read tarot for well over a hundred people (not including friends and family) and continue to learn with each reading.

The Hierophant—Steampunk TarotThe Hierophant—Steampunk Tarot (Moore & Fell). The Hierophant kept coming up when I asked the Tarot about the best direction in which to take Tarot Deep.

I studied tarot with Biddy Tarot and am a Biddy Certified Tarot Reader. I'm also a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI). I studied education (MEd) and worked as a teacher for many years. I hope my skills in explaining concepts clearly from different points of view can help with the Tarot, too, both in my articles and readings.

I write under the name Ned Marcus (I also write fiction under the same name). I understand that some people have reservations about writers using pen names. All I can say is that I love the name; the Tarot strongly supports my choice; and I'm in good company, with Dion Fortune, George Orwell, and others, who wrote both fiction and nonfiction under their pen names.

My Approach to Tarot

I see tarot as giving something like a weather map for a part of our lives. It picks up on energy, has messages, offers advice, and indicates the likely outcome of continuing along a particular route. 

We travel into the future unable to see far ahead—like cars travelling at night without lights. A tarot reading can turn the lights on, but you still won’t see everything. 

However, it can shine a light on aspects of yourself and the way ahead, showing the likelihood of events happening. But we also have free will and can change the direction of our lives—if we wish. The Tarot offers guidance, but it’s up to us how we move forward.

The High PriestessDeveloping intuition is one of the biggest benefits of learning and practicing the Tarot.

Tarot can be used for predictive purposes, and I’ve successfully used it this way. But, as I mentioned above, there are limits to the power of prediction. We have free will, and the choices we make determine our future. No one can predict all of these choices or know all outcomes—because the future is not fixed. 

For this reason, I prefer to avoid asking highly deterministic questions of the tarot that give our power away.

About Tarot Deep

As I mentioned on the homepage, the aims of Tarot Deep are to provide professional tarot readings that bring clarity and peace of mind, and to help you deepen your knowledge of tarot and tarot reading and gain confidence as a tarot reader

An additional aim is for me to deepen my own knowledge of tarot, and this is one of the reasons I plan to continue writing articles on tarot card meanings and other aspects of the Tarot.

Thank you for joining me!

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