2019 General Election Tarot Reading

I carried out the 2019 general election tarot reading two days before the general election. I did two independent readings, each with a full deck of upright cards (original RWS). 

For each party I drew a card for the leader, one for the main challenges that leader and their party has, and one card for the likely outcome the party can expect.

Please see Tarot and Society for more information on my experiment, and the limitations I see in this type of reading.

2019 General Election Tarot Reading—The Tories

  • Boris Johnson—Five of Cups
  • Challenges facing Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party—King of Pentacles
  • Likely out come for the Conservatives—Ten of Cups
Five of Cups—Original RWS TarotFive of Cups—Something is lost.

There’s a feeling of loss for Boris Johnson, but it’s not a complete loss. There's a feeling of emotional isolation from some of the electorate. There’s some loss of support, but at the same time two cups remain standing, indicating that he still retains some support. 

King of Pentacles—Original RWSKing of Pentacles—Original RWS

The challenge the Tories face is to be seen as masters of the economy. They may be perceived as having lost touch with economic reality.

Ten of Cups—Original RWSTen of Cups—Original RWS

Tory success looks likely despite the problems they face. They may suffer some losses, but overall the Ten of Cups shows celebration and completion of their goals

2019 General Election Tarot Reading—Labour

  • Jeremy Corbyn—Page of Swords
  • Challenges facing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party—Four of Wands
  • Likely outcome for Labour—Judgement
Page of Cups—Original RWSPage of Cups—Original RWS

Jeremy Corbyn’s card is the Page of Swords, and it shows that he’s rejuvenated and pushing hard, but this is a card of beginnings not a card of completion. It shows an active and nimble mind, and that he’s scoring many points, but it also shows that he’s seen as inexperienced.

Four of Wands—Original RWSFour of Wands—Original RWS

The Four of Wands is a very positive card, but it is in the position of challenges facing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. From this point of view, it looks like the challenge is for them to see beyond their natural supporters. They need their message to touch the hearts of people outside of their camp. This card suggests that they might have a false sense of security.

Judgement—Original RWSJudgement—Original RWS

For the likely outcome I drew Judgement. The people will judge and the party will judge too. The outcome I see is mixed results. Some increase in support and some will answer the call, but many people will judge them harshly. 

The Reading

Unfortunately, I only decided to begin my experiment with tarot readings on political and current affairs a few days before the election, so few people will read this before the election takes place. I also drew cards for the Liberal Democrats, but I didn’t have time to write up my predictions. For anyone interested, here are the cards I drew.

  • Jo Swinson—Ace of Swords
  • Challenges facing Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats—Nine of Pentacles
  • Likely outcome for the Liberal Democrats—Six of Pentacles

I’m sorry for the lack of time to finish, but I just wanted to start, and I had to start from where I was. As the experiment progresses, I’ll read and write weeks (or more) in advance.

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