Tarot Reading

Tarot Deep has three main aims

  • to help you deepen your knowledge of tarot and tarot reading and gain confidence as a tarot reader
  • to help you train your intuition—one of the most important benefits of tarot
  • to explore new approaches to using the tarot

I'm also doing all of the above, and I continually explore tarot, and have (over the years) noticed a deepening of my intuition. I hope that you can travel with me because this is a special path.

RWS High Priestess tarot cardThe High Priestess from the original RWS deck.

With the Tarot you can access your intuition, which is a way of accessing your inner wisdom and connecting with something larger. It helps you understand yourself and others more deeply, can help you make better choices, and if you work creatively (in any field as I do), then it can add another layer of richness to your work.

Special Power of Tarot Reading

It’s like having a special power that has the potential to benefit you and those you love. Actually—the whole world. 

This website is my exploration and learning of the Tarot. I named the website Tarot Deep because I want to go deeper into tarot—to continue my lifelong study of tarot—and to invite others, who are interested in doing the same, to join me.

Everyone faces obstacles in life, in our search for happiness, success, love, and meaning in our lives

While the Tarot won’t give you these things, it does provide a pictorial map, showing you the obstacles on the way, and suggesting ways of dealing with them, or avoiding them altogether.

As the future is not set in stone, the Tarot cannot tell you exactly what will happen—you can always choose to change your direction in life—but it can and does show the likely result of continuing along a path without change. 

More Aims of Tarot Deep

  • To help you bring about deep transformation in your life
  • To provide a key to the meanings of the tarot cards
  • To review tarot decks to help you decide which one (or ones) are for you
  • To share useful tarot spreads
  • To show you how to develop your own custom tarot spreads
  • To help you read tarot with confidence 

One of the great things about tarot is that the journey within yourself, and connecting with spirit, is a journey of a lifetime—and beyond.

I also offer personal tarot readings.

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